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Several methods to improve the grinding efficiency of ball mill

Several methods to improve the grinding efficiency of ball mill

1. Use grinding aid

The comminution of the particles means thebreaking and recombination of the chemical bonds of the substance. As thepulverization proceeds and the formation of the fracture surface, unsaturatedvalence bonds and charged structural units appear on the surface of theparticles, leaving the particles in a metastable high energy state. When theconditions are right, the particles agglomerate under relatively weakgravitational force and become agglomerates. By adding a small amount ofgrinding aid, the adhesion of the fine powder material on the surface of theabrasive body and the lining plate and the phenomenon of particle aggregationcan be eliminated, the grinding effect is enhanced, and the phenomenon ofover-grinding is reduced, thereby improving the grinding efficiency.

There are many varieties of grinding aids,of which organic surfactants account for the majority. According to theresearch results of the domestic cement research department, the grinding aidssuch as ethanol, butanol, butanol oil, ethylene glycol, triethanolamine andpolyglycol are better in grinding and have a wider source. In addition,carbonaceous materials such as bituminous coal and coke can also be used as agrinding aid for dry raw meal grinding.

2. Strengthen pre-drying to reduce themoisture content of the milled material

The moisture of the material of the humanmill has a great influence on the operation of the mill produced by the dryprocess. When the moisture content of the material is large, the fine powder inthe grinding will adhere to the grinding body and the lining plate to form a“cushion layer”, and at the same time, it will block the slab of thecompartment, hinder the circulation of materials, and greatly reduce thegrinding efficiency. Can cause "satisfaction" phenomenon. For the rawmaterial grinding of drying and grinding, the moisture content of the grindingmaterial is too large, which exceeds the drying ability of the grindingmachine, so that the raw material moisture exceeds the required index, whichaffects the normal operation of the raw material homogenizing storage.

3. Strengthen mill ventilation

Strengthening the ventilation of the millis one of the effective methods to increase the output of the mill and reducethe power consumption of the mill. Under the condition that the strength of thepartition board is not affected, the number and width of the pupils areincreased or the form of the partition plate is improved, so that theventilation area can be increased; in order to prevent air leakage, a sealeddischarge device must be used to strengthen the sealing of the grinding tail.Leakage; in the case of mechanical ventilation, in order to reduce theresistance of the pipeline, it should avoid ash and blockage; the length of thepipe from the end of the grinding to the dust collector and the dust collectorto the exhaust fan should be as short as possible. The angle between the pipearrangement and the horizontal plane is larger to help maintain goodventilation.

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