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The price of a hammer crusher for 400 TPH for crushing coal

The price of a hammer crusher for 400 TPH for crushing coal

The hammer crusher can crush coal from 50mm to 8mm. The hammer crusher that can process 400 tons of coal in one hour cansell for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The price of equipment is small. Adetailed introduction is given in the text.

Producing a 400 ton per hour hammer crushermodel, the right one is efficient.

About 400 tons of time, here is recommendedto everyone is PCH1615, which is a model with a large market demand, processingcapacity of 380-550t / h, with power 200x2kw, feed size 600mm,rotor diameter x length 1600x1500mm. The finished product specifications can beadjusted according to actual needs.

The PCH type heavy hammer crusher can crushthe stone once, with good stability, simplified process and low cost.

Various types and models of hammer breakcompanies are available in stock. Users can visit the factory for on-sitevisits and inspections. Users who want to visit the site can go directly to thefactory and take you to the nearest site for free. If the distance is far, youcan contact us, we arrange the nearest customer site according to your specificlocation, you can come to the site for inspection at any time.

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