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How much the 850 double roller crusher for cement block?

How much the 850 double roller crusher for cement block?

What if the cement block is too bad tohandle? What equipment is more cost-effective when crushing cement blocks? How much is the 850 double roller crusher machines?

Model 2PG 0850's double roller crusher canhandle crushed cement block with particle size within 25mm and discharge sizeof 2-8mm. It can be adjusted as needed, and the processing capacity is 20-40t/h(ie one hour can be used). The amount of broken cement blocks is 20-40 tons.

Benefits of crushing cement blocks with 850double roller crusher

1. The volume of the roller machine issmall, and the time is saved in the operation and the later transition.

2. The discharge granularity is fine, thefinished product specifications are adjustable, the cement block within 25mmcan be broken to 2-8mm, and the finished product granularity can be adjustedaccording to needs.

3. The price is cheap, for individuals orsmall businesses, the investment is more cost-effective, will not bring toomuch economic burden.

4. The equipment is equipped with dustproofboard inside, and the sealing performance of the equipment is good. It caneffectively avoid the splashing of fine materials after crushing, reduce thedust on the job site and improve the working environment.

How much is the 850 double roller crusher machines?

Now a lot of prices are clearly marked, themining industry is no exception, the price of equipment is transparent, theprice can be known to a family, we take the 850 double roller crusher producedby the roller merchants as an example, let's talk about the equipment Theprice, the price of a standard equipment purchased in ZK CORP is about 100,000RMB. Because of the steel price and market influence, the purchase price may bedifferent in different periods. For detailed equipment quotation, pleaseconsult WhatsApp number008618937185591

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