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ZKL series granulator

ZKL series granulator

Basic parameters

Model: ZKL22——ZKL42

Volume: 2 (m3) - 22 (m3)

Capacity: 1 (t / h) - 18 (t / h)

Material: bauxite, shale, clay, sludge, flyash, slag.

ZKL series granulator

The pot granulator is a granulationequipment made of bauxite, shale, clay, sludge, fly ash, slag, etc. It hasuniform spherical particle size, high output, compact structure, convenientcontrol and operation. Smooth and so on. Can be widely used in construction,fire insulation, petroleum fracturing props and other fields.

ZKL series granulator working principle

The principle is that the material rolls inthe cylinder, and fine water droplets are continuously sprinkled on thematerial. The material particles are quickly adsorbed and infiltrated by thewater droplets, and a very thin water film is formed on the surface of theparticles, and the material is adsorbed in the rolling. Due to continuous wateraddition, feeding and continuous rolling in the disc, the water film on the surfaceof the cue ball continuously absorbs water, so that the cue ball graduallyforms a material ball. At the same time, due to the mechanical action duringrolling, the compactness of the ball is gradually increased, so that the ballproduces a certain mechanical strength until a desired raw ball is formed.

Performance advantage

The granulator base adopts integratedstructure design, stable operation, low noise, low failure rate, long servicelife, high equipment ball rate, uniform ball size, easy control of ball size,high strength, full disk formation, and production efficiency high.

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