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Sludge incineration treatment technology application

Sludge incineration treatment technology application

Sludge incineration

Sludge incineration refers to theconversion of organic matter in sludge to CO2, H2O, N2, etc. under a certaintemperature and sufficient aerobic conditions. The heat released during thereaction is used to maintain the temperature conditions of the reaction. Sludgeincineration is the most thorough sludge treatment method. It removes allorganic matter, kills all pathogens, and minimizes sludge volume.

Sludge incineration technology

Sludge incineration technology is mainlydivided into two types, including direct sludge incineration and dryincineration. The direct incineration method uses large energy consumption, islargely not effectively utilized, and has a large amount of water dispersionloss; the drying incineration treatment includes multiple processes, whichimproves the combustible content in the sludge and greatly reduces the sludge.The water and energy use have also been effectively improved, and the treatedsludge ash can also be effectively utilized, which is very suitable as thefirst choice for sludge disposal.

Sludge drying and incineration

After the dried sludge is introduced intothe incinerator, it is exposed to excessive air to carry out an oxidativecombustion reaction, in which organic matter and harmful substances arepyrolyzed and destroyed, so that the sludge reduction efficiency reaches 95%,greatly reducing the excessive resources. Consume and recycle usefulsubstances. Compared with sludge landfill and compost disposal, dryincineration can greatly avoid secondary pollution problems and save landresources. At the same time, sludge is also used as a secondary resource fordevelopment and utilization, which is truly in line with reduction andharmlessness. Recycling targets.

Sludge incineration ash treatment

Sludge incineration ash has beenexperimentally verified to be very close to the composition of brick makingclay, so we can use the ash from sludge incineration to make bricks. Inaddition to brick making, sludge incineration ash can also be applied to theproduction of ceramsite, bio-fiberboard, ecological cement and other products,which gives the ultimate goal of “recycling” the sludge disposal to anexcellent realization, and also sludge incineration disposal. One of the corestrengths.

Sludge incineration trend

The sludge is treated by incinerationmethod, which has quick effect and good effect, and can achieve"reduction, stabilization and harmlessness" to the greatest extent.Sludge incineration has become one of the important trends in the developmentof sludge disposal methods in China, and it is increasingly occupying a largerproportion.

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