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Introduce three cooling methods for ball mills

Introduce three cooling methods for ball mills

Basic knowledge about the ball mill I believe everyone knows how to reduce the temperature inside the ball mill, youknow?

Ball mills are important equipment for finecrushing and superfine grinding. When it is in operation, the material is sentto the grinding chamber by centrifugal force, and then the material in thesteel ball and the grinding chamber is hit and ground to achieve the purpose ofpulverizing and finely breaking the material. Therefore, the increase in thetemperature of the ball mill is mainly due to the influence of the abrasivemineral, the mechanical friction energy of the abrasive material and the energyreleased when the material is broken, or may be caused by the excessivetemperature of the abrasive material. The material. In short, when the internaltemperature of the ball mill is too high, it is necessary to find a way toreduce it so as not to affect normal production. See the three basic coolingmethods below:

1. Strengthen the internal ventilation ofthe ball mill

This should be a simple method ofcalculating the cooling air volume of the mill based on the heat balance of theball mill, but if the air volume is too large, the grinding effect will beeconomically deteriorated.

2. Increase the water spray device

Water can be sprayed from the grinding heador the grinding tail. Water can be sprayed from the feed end of the mill onlywhen the temperature of the incoming abrasive is above 100 degrees, or watercan be sprayed downstream.

3. Ball mill grinding water spray cooling

The cooling in the mill is based on thecooling of the cold water outside the mill. Water is injected into the millusing a compressed air process that utilizes not only the sensible heat of thewater but also the latent heat of the water during evaporation. Take away theheat inside the mill, but should pay attention to the amount of water spray isabout 1~1.5% of the cement, generally not more than 2%, otherwise the water cannot completely evaporate.

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