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Process for processing zinc oxide in rotary kiln and calcination method

Process for processing zinc oxide in rotary kiln and calcination method

Zinc oxide is a commonly used chemicaladditive widely used in the production of plastics, silicate products,synthetic rubber, lubricating oils, paints, ointments, adhesives, foods, batteries,flame retardants and other products. Especially in the processing of zinc oxidethrough the rotary kiln, the application range is more extensive, because theprocessing methods of the equipment are various, which can fully satisfy theproperties of zinc oxide and the needs of users. So, how does a rotary kilnprocess zinc oxide?

Process for producing zinc oxide by zinc oxide rotary kiln smelting:

The zinc charge and coking coal arepulverized into less than 40 mesh pellets, and the zinc charge and coking coalare mixed and stirred at a ratio of 1:0.30 to 0.35 to obtain a mixture, andthen the mixture is made into pellets having an effective diameter of 8-15 mm.Finally, the pellets are put into a rotary kiln for smelting. When it is usedto smelt zinc oxide containing zinc ore with zinc oxide content of 15% to 25%,it has a large saving of coke or coal, smelting, good quality, and lowproductivity.

In addition, zinc oxide rotary kilnprocessing zinc oxide different calcination methods:

1. Direct reduction method: The directreduction method is to pretreat the zinc oxide to be processed, and thenperform a series of operations such as grinding, mixing, and mass-producing,and then enter the zinc oxide rotary kiln for oxide reduction and metalaggregation. After the clinker produced is re-selected, it is sieved to obtainzinc minerals. At the same time, other processes can be used, which is the zincoxide rotary kiln ore furnace technology, which needs to be first dried,heated, calcined by the kiln, and then refined by the ore furnace to finallyreduce the zinc material.

2. Calcination of blast furnace: Afterdehydration, calcination and agglomeration of zinc oxide ore, together withcoke and solvent, it enters blast furnace smelting to obtain coarse zinc, whichcan obtain zinc substance after refining; in this link, it can also operated byelectric furnace. After dehydration and agglomeration, the zinc oxide ore issent to an electric furnace to complete smelting with a certain amount of cokeand solvent, and the obtained crude zinc oxide is re-refined to obtain zincore. In this process, the electric furnace operates to complete the smelting withcarbon as a reducing agent.

The above is the calcination processcommonly used in zinc oxide rotary kiln. No matter which kind of calcinationprocess, the temperature can be adjusted according to the amount of zinc oxidematerial, and finally achieve the user's desired goal. Moreover, the twocalcination techniques have been proved by practice: Low energy consumption,dehydration, decarburization and whitening, good stability

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