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How to solve the problem of wet ball mill over powder?

How to solve the problem of wet ball mill over powder?

For the wet ball mill in the grinding andbeneficiation production line, the ball mill needs a safe and stable productionin the grinding of the material, so as to increase the output of the wet ballmill. Insiders in the mineral processing industry or those who often payattention to the mineral processing industry often hear the terms“dissociation” and “over-crushing” of minerals. How do these two words comefrom? What does it mean?

How to solve the phenomenon of powder inthe wet ball mill?

Generally, it is divided into the followingsteps: Firstly, the movement condition of the grinding medium of the ball millshould be controlled to be the main one. Also choose the appropriate wet ballmill media fill rate. Reasonably determine the ratio of the balls of eachdiameter when the ball mill is loaded. When the ball with a relatively largediameter is excessive, the specific surface area of the ball mill is small,the gap between the ball and the ball is too large, the number of damage to thematerial by the ball mill is small, and the grinding power is low. When theball with a small diameter is small, the impact effect is small and thegrinding power is low. Secondly, the grinding medium is periodically added tothe ball mill.

After checking whether the material afterthe ball mill has destroyed the grinding power of the machine, it is determinedto increase the number of balls. Next, the ball mill feed size should besuitable. After roasting the ore after cooling the drum, part of the coarseparticles, all dry ball mill ball milling, in the case of other conditions ofthe ball mill unchanged, so that the original leaching requirements of theroasting ore is further ground, constitutes excessive damage. Feeding anddischarging speed should be balanced. The fine-grained material after ball milling should be discharged in time to prevent damage caused by grinding. Thefeeding part of the ball mill should make up the coarse material into thecylinder in time, so that the accumulated content of the coarse-grainedmaterial in the ball mill cylinder is kept at the same time. High level.

After the above introduction, I believethat everyone has a specific understanding of the "how to deal with thephenomenon of ball mill over powder", and I hope to bring you assistance.In the usual production process, we should pay attention to adjusting thegrinding particle size of the ball mill. Do not add unnecessary pollen to thebeneficiation ball mill because of the “unnecessary damage”, so that the costof the beneficiation is greatly increased. Suitable grinding fineness is anecessary condition for achieving an excellent separation of useful mineralsand gangue deposits.

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