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200 TPD of clinker rotary kiln

200 TPD of clinker rotary kiln

The clinker rotary kiln is generally one ofthe core equipment for calcining clinker. As the demand for clinker continuesto expand, the comprehensive sales volume of the clinker also continues toincrease. As the user purchases the equipment, the production requirement verystrict, especially 200 TPD of equipment is the current mainstream equipment,this article a detailed analysis and introduction of the equipment:

Clinker rotary kiln equipment technicalparameters:

Normally, 200TPD of clinker rotary kiln isΦ2.5 × 50 model of equipment, which is a relatively high-profile equipment, weanalyze the following parameters:

1. Diameter: This device diameter of 2.5meters, as the key kiln size, the size of the design is very reasonable, so asto facilitate the user's actual operation.

2. The length: its length is 50 meters, ingeneral, the longer length, then its larger, the higher the productioncapacity, and vice versa is not.

3. The slope: its slope of 3%, the size ofthe slope of the calcination effect, so users in the purchase process to attachgreat importance to the parameters.

4. Production: high-yielding equipment forusers to create higher yields, its daily output of 200 tons per day, very muchin line with the investment of small and medium enterprises.

5. Speed: it's speed per minute (0.62-1.86)r, as long as the production within the prescribed speed, then it will be moreuniform running speed and stability.

6. The motor power: equipment, motor power55kw, it is in the rated power production and processing energy consumptionwill be lower, more environmentally friendly, and will not cause harm to theenvironment.

7. The total weight: The weight of thedevice is about 187 tons, this equipment is more conducive to the installationand maintenance of equipment, a move that is more conducive to user's praiseand favor.

Equipment main advantage

1. High work efficiency is the uniqueadvantage of the device, and it is not prone to failure in the work process,are excellent performance, stable job of calcination equipment.

2. This is a reasonable structure of thedevice, so it's very high technology content, so it's user operation, the usageof more streamlined and convenient.

3. Compared with the traditional equipment,its energy consumption is very low, and no noise in the work process, so theuser satisfaction is very high, sales are quite high.

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