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Dry ball mill in beneficiation production line

Dry ball mill in beneficiation production line

Ball mills can be divided into dry and wetgrinding methods. The maintenance of the ball mill is simple and easy to carryout. It can adapt to various materials, can be continuously produced, and has alarge production capacity. It can meet the needs of larger-scale production.The ball mill can work in a variety of situations and can be dry-processed. Themill is called a dry ball mill, and it can also be produced in the wet method.Such a mill is called a wet ball mill. The ball mill can also combine the drygrinding steps together at the same time. It has a very good sealing device toprevent dust from flying so dramatically. The advantages are highly recognizedby the market.

Selecting the ball mill has the followingskills: The design should take into account changes in the hardness andfineness of the ore. Generally, the deep ore of the ore deposit will becomehard or thin, so that the selected grinding machine can also be adapted, and atthe same time ensure smooth operation in the initial stage; ensure theproduction capacity of the mill. Appropriately consider the large-scaleequipment; according to the requirements of production, choose the ball milldiameter and length. The dry type ball mill is a horizontal cylindricalrotating device with outer gear drive, two bins and a lattice type ball mill.The material is fed into the first chamber of the dry ball mill by the feedingdevice through the hollow shaft of the feed material. The chamber has a steppedliner or a corrugated liner and contains balls of different specifications ofthe ball mill. The cylinder rotates to generate centrifugal force and the steelball is wound. After falling to a certain height, it will produce a heavy blowand grinding effect on the material. After the raw material reaches the roughgrinding in the first position, it enters the second position via asingle-layered partition board. The leveling insert inserts a flat lining platewith steel balls inside and grinds the material further. The powder isdischarged through the discharge sampan plate to complete the grindingoperation.

The use of dry ball mill in beneficiation:Mineral processing equipment - The ore produced is first broken by a jawcrusher, and after crushing to a reasonable fineness, it is evenly sent to thedry type ball mill by the lifter and feeder, and the ball mill crushes andgrinds the ore. The ore fines developed by the dry ball mill enter the nextprocess: grading. Spiral classifiers classify ore mixtures based on theprinciple that the specific gravity of the solid particles varies and thevelocity in the liquid is often different. The dry ball mill consists of themain part of the feeding part, the discharging part, the turning part, the transmissionpart (reducer, small transmission gear, motor, and electric control). Has goodwear resistance, stable operation and reliable work.

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