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Ball mill liner installation

Ball mill liner installation

Ball mill liner domestic high-manganesesteel is gradually replaced by medium-alloy steel liner, but with thecontinuous application of medium-alloy steel liner in the ball mill, hasgradually replaced the manganese steel and other liner to become the mainstreammarket development. In addition to cylinder liner to protect the cylinder, butalso on the law of movement of the grinding body have an impact, in order toadapt to a variety of different working conditions (crush or fine grinding)requirements, zk corp professional production liners of the shape of thematerial is also different. When crushed to the main requirements of the liningof the grinding body of the ability to push the strong, at the same time, theliner should have good impact resistance, when the main fine grinding, theliner is less prominent on the grinding body Push the role of weak, lessimpact, while the grinding effect is strong, requiring liner has good wearresistance.

Ball mill liner installation requirements

The liner should be filled with 43.5MPacompressive strength cement mortar between the rear liner and the cylinder endcap. The bolts of the fixed end liner should not allow the cement mortar to bedrowned, and should be rotated or moved in and out. Liner is generally directional,the installation must be careful not to anti-anti. All annular gap arc lengthcannot exceed 310mm, more than the place wedges are used to cut off. Adjacentliner gap of not more than 3 ~ 9mm. Between the liner and the inner surface ofthe cylinder should be laid according to the design requirements of thecompartment, if not required, can be filled in between the compressive strengthgrade 42.5MPa cement mortar, as full as possible, the excess part of the strongliner bolt extrusion, After the cement mortar solidification again tighten theliner bolts. In the installation of the rubber liner board, the installation ofthe first 3 to 4 weeks before the roll of rubber sheet open, so that the freeextension; the use of rubber sheet, the rubber sheet should be the long side ofthe cylinder along the axial direction, short side along the cylinder of thecircumferential direction. To carefully check the liner bolt hole and linerbolt geometry, carefully clean the liner bolt holes and liner bolts on theflash, burrs, protrusions, so that bolts can freely penetrate into the requiredposition. The set of liner bolts should be piercing bolts, dust washers,washers, spring washers, nuts composition; in order to prevent leakage of lime,the use of dust pad should not forget to use. Tighten the liner bolt torquewrench should be used for work, different specifications of liner bolts shouldbe tightened according to the corresponding tightening torque requirements.

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