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Metal magnesium smelting process-calcination

Metal magnesium smelting process-calcination

Complete process for new energy-savingdolomite calcining system

In response to the National EnergyConservation and Emission Reduction, Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.reduced the operating cost burden of the customer's calcination system. Thecompany invested a large amount of funds to successfully develop and manufacture"vertical preheater + rotary kiln + vertical cooling" The newenergy-saving dolomite calcining system complete set of process equipment makesthe dolomite calcining system truly achieve the characteristics of highefficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, safety and high degree ofautomation.

Process flow

The process of the new energy-savingdolomite calcining system is that qualified dolomite raw materials delivered bythe large-inclined conveyor enter the top silo of the vertical preheater in thecalcining system. The dolomite in the top bin evenly enters the interior of thepreheater. At this time, the high temperature flue gas at the tail of therotary kiln enters the preheater and exchanges the dolomite raw materials topreheat the raw materials to above 800 ° C. The pre-heated dolomite rawmaterial falls to the transfer chute, enters the rotary kiln, and is calcinedat 1250 ° C to form active calcined white. The active calcined temperatureflowing out from the rotary kiln outlet is as high as about 900 ° C and entersthe vertical cooler. The high-temperature active calcined white has sufficientheat exchange in the vertical cooler with the combustion-supporting cold airblown from the bottom. The active calcination is cooled below 100 ° C, and thecombustion-air air is preheated to above 600 ° C. The cooled active calcinedwhite is discharged from the cooler and transferred to the ball-making workshopvia a scale conveyor.

Environmental emissions

The high-temperature flue gas generated bythe combustion of the rotary kiln, after heat exchange with the dolomite in thepreheater, the temperature drops below 220 ° C, and then enters the bag typedust collector. After the dust removal, it is discharged into the atmospherethrough a high-temperature fan, and the dust containing the gas is discharged theconcentration is less than 30mg / m3.

Reduce costs and green production

The new energy-saving dolomite calciningsystem reduces the fuel consumption index by 40% due to the heat recovery ofthe exhaust gas. At the same time, the length-diameter ratio of the rotary kilnis reduced. The investment cost of the rotary kiln single machine equipment isreduced. The output is increased by 30%. Below the temperature it canwithstand, it is good for the dust collector to remove dust.

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