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Metal magnesium smelting process (2)-grinding and ball making

Metal magnesium smelting process (2)-grinding and ball making

Pidgeon process method for smeltingmagnesium

The reduction process of Pidgeon process smelting belongs to the solid phase reaction process. For the solid-phasereaction, the furnace charge is required to have a fine particle size and alarge specific surface area. The Pidgeon process method for smelting magnesiumis composed of three raw materials: calcined white, ferrosilicon, and fluorite.In industrial production, the chemical composition of these three raw materialsoften changes, and they must be formulated according to the correspondingreaction formula below.

Charge profile

In addition to the solid phase reaction, inaddition to the fineness and proportion of the charge, the charge must also beshaped to increase the mutual contact between the materials, so as to shortenthe free travel of silicon atoms when reducing MgO. Therefore, the finer thecharge, the higher the forming pressure, and the closer the materials are toeach other, the more favorable the reduction process is. After the charge isshaped, it can also increase the amount of material in the reduction tank andincrease the capacity of the single tank.

Fine grinding of ingredients

Therefore, the calcined white aftercalcined in the rotary kiln needs to be subjected to batching-finegrinding-pressing before entering the reduction furnace for reduction. Thedetailed process flow is that the calcined dolomite is sent to the calcinedwhite silo by the bucket elevator for backup; the ferrosilicon is crushed toless than 20mm by the jaw crusher and sent to the ferrosilicon storage silo bythe bucket elevator for backup; The fluorite powder is lifted by a singlebucket and sent to the fluorite powder silo for backup. The three raw materialsstored in the storage bin are continuously mixed by a microcomputer control andadded to a ball mill for mixing and grinding. The particle size of the rawmaterial is required to be less than 100 mesh. The ball machine is pressed intopellets. The batching system uses an intelligent control system, and the entireprocess is fully automated with computer monitoring. The ball mill is driven bya 10kV high voltage motor, which reduces power loss compared to the original380V low voltage distribution operation.

Dust removal system

There are three dust collection systems inthe ball making workshop, one dust collection system at the ferrosiliconcrushing place, one dust collection system at the batch mill, and one dustcollection system at the ball pressing site. After comprehensive dustcollection and treatment, the operating environment of the ball-making workshopis greatly improved compared to the traditional workshop, and the workingenvironment of the workers is improved.

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