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Potash Feldspar Wet Ball Mill

Potash Feldspar Wet Ball Mill

Potash feldspar ore is a water-insolublepotassium resource with high potassium content, the widest distribution, andthe largest reserves. In addition to our common production of potassiumfertilizer, potassium feldspar can also be used in glass and ceramic products.The potassium feldspar can be purified by using a Raymond mill or a potassiumfeldspar wet ball mill. This article mainly introduces the potassium feldsparball mill.

Potash feldspar wet ball mill applicationrange

Potash feldspar ball mill is used in manyfields, mainly including different industries such as chemical industry,building materials, power and metallurgy, as well as grinding various cementclinker and other metal materials. Production capacity: 0.17 ~ 170t / h.

Working principle of potassium feldspar wetball mill

The potassium feldspar raw material afterbeing crushed and sieved is fed into the pot feldspar ball mill barrel by thefeeder, and the grinding medium and the material in the ball mill barrelcollide and grind. Then, the spiral classifier is used for classification toobtain products with different particle sizes. This is the working principle ofpotassium feldspar wet ball mill.

The most important part of the entireprocess is the powder making equipment. The potassium feldspar ball mill isused for the powder making equipment. The advantages are obvious: large output,high milling efficiency, large throughput, and low equipment maintenance rate.In the production and processing of potassium feldspar online applications arewidespread.

Advantages of Potash Feldspar Ball Mill

1. Ultrafine powder processing, highmilling efficiency

According to the characteristics ofpotassium feldspar, Zheng Mining Machine equips the potassium feldspar ball millwith a unique crushing cavity structure and an advanced classification deviceto ensure the realization of ultra-fine powder processing while ensuring highmilling efficiency;

2. Big throughput and output

The ore discharge opening is larger thanthe ordinary ball mill, which guarantees a greater throughput during thegrinding process. The hollow shaft is thickened, which has strongeradaptability and pressure resistance, and greater output;

3. Purified potassium feldspar has higherpurity

In order to ensure the purity of thepotassium feldspar powder product, the potassium feldspar ball mill has theremarkable characteristics of high whiteness, fine particle size, and no blackslag;

4, low noise, less dust, simple operation,low equipment maintenance rate.

Potash Feldspar Wet Ball Mill TechnologyInnovation

In order to be able to better purifypotassium feldspar, ZK CORP made structural improvements and technologicalinnovations to the potassium feldspar ball mill. The main operations include: usinga belt pulley as a transmission and reduction tool to save energy andelectricity; the choice of the lining material is to use silica linings toavoid iron mixed in the grinding process caused by cast iron linings and affectthe purity of potassium feldspar powder; the grinding medium is silica balls orlarge feldspar. The improved potassium feldspar ball mill can:

1.      Low failure rate

Because the parts are more wear-resistant,the overall design is more reasonable, the wear resistance is stronger, and thegrinding aid effect is improved. The potassium feldspar ball mill adoptshigh-quality displacement gears, which completely eliminates the phenomenon ofheel cutting, improves grinding efficiency, and effectively increases Overallcapacity.

2.      High purity of potassiumfeldspar powder

Due to the use of silica liners and silicaballs as grinding media, the purity of potassium feldspar powder is higher;

3. Avoid sticking

For each type of potassium feldspar ballmill, Zheng Mining Machine has set the amount of ore, ball and water to ensureno sticking. The reasonably designed liner and barrel can also effectivelyprevent the sticking of the ore. In addition, in actual operation, reasonablecontrol of the water amount, proper medium addition, and selection of suitablegrinding aids can also avoid sticking, and the production capacity of the ballmill has been greatly improved.

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