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How to determine the size and output of rotary kiln

How to determine the size and output of rotary kiln

Reasonably determining the size of therotary kiln has a direct impact on the output of the kiln. The output of therotary kiln is an important indicator of the process design of the cement plantand has a key role in the selection of other equipment in the cement plant.

Determination of rotary kilnspecifications:

There are many factors that affect theoutput of rotary kiln, such as the type and size of kiln, the supporting conditionsof equipment such as cooler, preheater and decomposition furnace, thecomposition and quality of raw fuel, the type of clinker, the operation level,and the operation rate. However, as far as the kiln itself is concerned, thedirect factor determining its output is the kiln's specifications, that is, itsdiameter and length, while other factors are relatively objectively variable,and can only make the kiln's production capacity vary with differentconditions. Fluctuations within a certain range.

For new design kiln or reconstruction ofold kiln, the kiln's specifications (diameter, length or aspect ratio) must bereasonably determined. The kiln's unit output index is also different when thetype and size of the kiln are different. At present, when determining the kilnsize, the kiln size is generally calculated based on the selection of areasonable unit clinker output index.

Calibration of rotary kiln output:

The output of the rotary kiln is the basisfor determining the plant's production scale, raw materials, fuel consumptionquotas, and equipment selection design of the entire plant, and is an importantindicator of the process design of the cement plant.

The output calibration should ensure thatthe kiln's reasonable output can be achieved under the condition of ensuringhigh quality, low consumption and long-term safe operation balance.

The calibration is too low. When designingand calculating other auxiliary equipment, the selection may be small, and theproduction capacity of the kiln will be restricted after it is put intoproduction.

The calibration is too high, the size ofthe attached machine may be too large, and the actual output of the kiln cannotreach, causing a waste of equipment capacity. At the same time, it has broughtdifficulties to the kiln production.

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