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Three elements of ball mill production and processing

Three elements of ball mill production and processing

The operation of the ball mill is veryimportant, and there are many factors involved, including: ball mill grindingmethod, feed rate, medium addition system, mill speed, grinding concentration,etc., to develop a reasonable operating system to improve the ball milloperator's The operation level and timely adjustment of the changed ball milloperating parameters are important guarantees for obtaining good ball millgrinding and beneficiation indicators.

In order to let customers better understandand use the ball mill, we will introduce the precautions of the ball mill fromthe following three aspects:

Ball mill feeding speed: After the workingparameters of the ball mill feeding machine are adjusted, the feed amount ofthe mill should be kept constant or changed within a very narrow range.Generally, in this case, most of the ball mills are used to control the watervolume. Ensure that the ball mill has a suitable grinding concentration andfineness. The feed of the ball mill must be uniform. With the increase of thefeeding speed, the content of qualified grains in the ball mill's dischargedecreases, while the absolute number of qualified grains produced by the ballmill is increasing, the power consumption is reduced, and the millingefficiency of the ball mill is significantly improved. When the nature of theore changes, the working conditions of the ball mill should be adjusted in timeto establish a balance.

Then there is the pulp concentration of theball mill: a suitable ball mill concentration should not only make the solidmaterial move uniformly along the surface of the grinding medium, but alsofacilitate the flow of the material from the feed end to the discharge end ofthe ball mill.

Finally, the speed of the ball mill: thecurrent speed specified by the manufacturer is about 75%, most of which arebelow 85%. The speed of the ball mill is slightly lower, and it is difficult toachieve high productivity. The experience of some beneficiation plants in Chinashows that the speed of the ball mill is appropriately increased The output ofits ball mill has increased to a certain extent, but the increase is small, andthe consumption of energy and liner is very serious, and the vibration of theball mill has also intensified. Therefore, if you want to control the ballmill, you must start from these three aspects to achieve better and more ideal workingefficiency.

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