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How to repair the ball mill liner

How to repair the ball mill liner

Whether it is wear-resistant steel balls orliners, all wear-resistant materials are subject to wear and corrosion. Due tothe impact, grinding, sliding, rolling and rebound movement of the grindingmedium of the ball mill equipment, and the abrasive action of the materialbeing abraded, the liner will wear.

The worn-out liners should be replaced intime without the need for repair. Only when the spare parts of the lining boardare scarce and the wear is not serious, the surfacing repair method is used forthe lining board.

1. Remove the liner and clean the workingsurface of the liner until the bright metal is exposed;

2. Insert graphite plugs into the boltholes of the lining board to ensure that the bolt holes will not become smallerafter surfacing and facilitate the lining board fixing;

3. Place the lining board to be repaired onthe construction site of the overlay welding site, and place it as horizontallyas possible so that the working surface of the lining board faces upward;

4. Surfacing electrode: such as tdmn (180)or tdcrmn (220), low hydrogen type electrode;

5. Trim the worksurface, remove debris such as welding slag and burrs around the liner.Surfacing can be performed by manual arc, so that it can be applied by skilledworkers.

6. The surfacing procedure is to surfacingthe steel surfacing layer first, then surfacing the combined surfacing layer,and then surfacing the wear-resistant alloy surfacing layer. This multilayersurfacing method can be used to repair non-alloy steel cone ball mill liner. Grindinghead liner and other parts. The overlay welding is divided into many narrowsections, and the layer overlay welding is performed in order. In thepost-surfacing process, the working surface shape of the lining board (such asstepped and wavy lining boards) should be in accordance with the originaldesign, and it must be smooth and flat to minimize the amount of trimming.

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