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The classifications of wet granulator

The classifications of wet granulator

What are the classifications of wetgranulator products? The main characteristics of the wet granulator are thatthe screen is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the tension can be adjustedappropriately. The seven-sided drum is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.The mechanical transmission system is completely enclosed in the machine body,and is equipped with a lubrication system, so the whole machine runs smoothly.The development of products is closely related to the progress of society. Theperformance of the product is also continuously improved by the development ofscience and technology, so the frequency of use is also very high. In order tobe more assured about the use of the product in the future, you need to choosea regular manufacturer when you buy it, and you must follow the instructionswhen operating it!

Introduction to the five characteristics ofwet granulator structure

1. The fuselage is an independentrectangular parallelepiped, which consists of three major parts: a bearingframe, a reduction box and a machine base. The feeding hopper is connected tothe bearing frame and extends outside the machine. The front end of the machinebase is designed to extend, and the ground is wide and stable. Therefore, itdoes not need to be installed and can be used indoors.

2. Granule manufacturing device: Thehorizontal revolving drum device is under the hopper, and there are bearingsupports at the front and rear. It is rotated backwards through thetransmission of the rack. The front bearing seat at the end face is movable.When assembling and disassembling, as long as three screws are unscrewed, thefront bearing seat and the rotating drum can be drawn out in sequence. The twoends of the rotary drum adopt symmetrical convex couplings, which are notrestricted by inversion and are easy to assemble and disassemble.

3. Screen clamp tube: It is installed onboth sides of the rotating drum and is made of steel pipe. There is a long slotin the middle. The two ends of the screen are embedded in the groove. Turn thehandwheel to wrap the screen on the outer circle of the rotating drum. Theinner block is supported by a barbed wheel, and the elasticity can be adjusted.

4. Reduction gearbox: It adopts worm geartransmission, the speed ratio is 1:30, the machine can be stored in the box, toensure that the gear rod, gear and worm gear are well lubricated and no noise.During the movement, the gear shaft that meshes with the rack is reversed.

5. Seat motor: The motor mounting plate ishinged with the frame, and the other end is hinged with the nut. When thehandwheel on the frame is turned, the screw rod is adjusted to rotate, and thenut drives the motor plate up and down to adjust the triangle belt tightness.

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