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Specification of rod energy-saving ball mill

Specification of rod energy-saving ball mill

Brief Introduction of Rod Energy Saving Ball Mill

The rod-type energy-saving ball mill equipment is a new generation of high-tech ball mill products developed by ZK CORP according to modern process characteristics and processing requirements. It can increase the production capacity of about 30% based on the original traditional ball mill equipment, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional ball mills. It is more in line with modern production standards. In recent years, it has gradually replaced the traditional rod ball mill. It has made great achievements in the refractory, metallurgy, water conservancy, building materials, power and other industries, and it is very popular!

Specification of rod energy-saving ball mill

Since the new generation of rod-type energy-saving ball mills came out, naturally all types of rod-type ball mills have participated in the optimization and improvement. Now the family of rod-type ball mills is reborn, the structure is more reasonable, the performance is more stable, and the advantages are more prominent. So what are the improved rod-type energy-saving ball mills? In fact, the model has not changed. The original model specifications are still adopted, which are MBS0918, MBS0924, MBS1224, MBS1530, MBS1830, MBS2130, MBS2136, MBS2430, MBS2736, MBS2740, MBS3245 and other model specifications.

Rod energy-saving ball mill price

The stick-type energy-saving ball mill is just entering the market for the first time and is in the water test phase. In addition, it is facing international tensions and the Sino-US trade war is in a state of stalemate. It is not difficult to see from the central bank's reduction information that the domestic economic pressure has increased sharply. The price of the ball mill will be maintained at the same price as the original rod mill for the time being. The effect has been observed and may be adjusted later.

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