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Installation steps and precautions of pulse bag filter

Installation steps and precautions of pulse bag filter

1. Installation steps

1.1. The process layout, equipment large-scaledrawings, and equipment components must be verified and understood.

1.2. Check and accept the reserved holes,pre-embedded steel plates, and space dimensions of the civil construction, andcheck whether they are in accordance with the design and verify with thephysical equipment.

1.3. Ash hopper installation (if there isno dust hopper for the ash hopper, this item is not available). The ash hopperallows 180 degrees to turn. The four corners of the ash hopper should fall onthe embedded steel plate. The center of the material mouth is consistent, andthe mismatch between the ground foot and the embedded steel plate should notexceed 1/4 of its size.

1.4. Installation of the upper box. Beforelifting the upper box, open the upper box cover (screw fixing), and checkwhether the blowing pipe slips during transportation. The upper box is hoistedand placed above the ash bucket, with flange holes on the upper and lowerbodies. Align, use bolts to connect the middle pressure and close with asbestosrope (large equipment requires electric welding and tight welding, not equippedwith flange holes). Pay attention to the direction when installing. The side ofthe blower should be on the side where the air outlet is reserved.

1.5. Installation of air inlet (Dustcollector without ash hopper, without this item). The air inlet pipe is weldedto the hopper of the ash hopper. The direction is determined according to theprocess requirements. The installation height and the length exposed outsidethe ash hopper are selected according to the selection. Type OK. Note: the airinlet and the air outlet are symmetrical

1.6. Installation of air outlet

There is a smoke outlet on the sideof the clean room of the upper box, which is connected to the fan through pipe welding.

1.7. Pneumatic installation

The installation of the reserved port onthe pulse valve drum, there is an air inlet on the side of the drum, and the aircompressor is connected to the side air inlet of the drum through the air inletpipe and oil-water separator 5 kg, if there is more than 5 kg, please install apressure reducing valve) There is a drain port in the middle and lower part of the drum, andthe valve fittings are connected to the drain switch to avoid air leakage

1.8. Pulse controller connection (circuitinstallation)

Directly connect the two electric powersources (220V) to the position of the controller's wiring port. The controllerhas been debugged before leaving the factory.

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