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How to choose dust collector products

How to choose dust collector products

What kind of dust collector products should be selected under different operating environment? This paper explains in detail from the perspectives of 7 main factors and 4 auxiliary factors, such as the amount of gas, the dispersion and density of the dust, and the concentration of gas dust, the specific resistance of the dust, and the temperature of the dust-containing gas.

How to choose dust collector products?

The selection of dust collector should consider a variety of influencing factors and conditions. Considering the influencing factors and conditions, the selection can be made from the following aspects.

1.Selection according to the amount of processing gas

The amount of processing gas is the decisive factor for the size and type of the dust collector. For the amount of air, you must choose a dust collector that can handle a large amount of gas. If you use multiple dust collectors that handle a small amount of gas in parallel, it is often uneconomical. For small air volume, it is necessary to compare which type of dust collector is economical, and it is easy to meet the environmental requirements of dust source control and dust emission.

After the dust collector enters actual operation, it is sometimes difficult to predict due to the influence of operation and environmental conditions. Therefore, when determining the capacity of the equipment, you must ensure a certain margin or reserve some space that may increase the equipment.

2.Selection according to the dispersion and density of dust

The degree of dust dispersion has a great influence on the performance of the dust collector, and the degree of dust dispersion is the same, due to different operating conditions. Therefore, when selecting a dust collector, the first step is to accurately grasp the dispersion degree of the dust. If the particle size is more than 10 μm, a cyclone dust collector can be selected. If the particle size is more than a few microns, an electrostatic dust collector, Bag filter. The specific selection can be based on the degree of dispersion and other requirements, and make a preliminary selection by referring to the type and performance table of common dust collectors, and then determine according to other conditions and the type and performance of dust collectors.

3. Select by gas dust concentration

4.Effect of dust adhesion on selection

5.Effect of dust specific resistance on selection

6.Effect of Dust Gas Temperature on Model Selection

7. Precautions for selecting wet dust collector

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