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Active Lime Complete Equipment Process Overview

Active Lime Complete Equipment Process Overview

New technology of lime rotary kiln

The successful industrial application of the energy-saving and environmentally-friendly active lime rotary kiln with vertical preheater and vertical cooler has broken the traditional lime production pattern. Due to the significant reduction in fuel consumption and the reduction of exhaust emissions, coupled with the use of a pulse bag filter to purify the exhaust gas, not only the production cost is greatly reduced, the energy consumption is reduced, but the economic benefits are also improved. As a result, the exhaust emissions from the calcination process have reached the standard and environmental protection conditions have been fundamentally improved.

Main advantages of using a rotary kiln

1. The product has good quality and high output, which is very suitable for large-scale active lime production line and can be used for large-scale production.

2. Stable production operation, full negative pressure production, smooth air flow and high safety.

3. The rotary kiln has a simple structure and strong controllability, which is conducive to operation and maintenance.

4. Fine-grained limestone can be calcined to make full use of mining resources. The unit product has low heat consumption. A rotary kiln with a vertical preheater installed at the end of the kiln can make full use of exhaust gas to preheat limestone, which greatly reduces fuel consumption.

5. Can make full use of industrial waste gas as fuel for lime calcination, such as blast furnace exhaust gas, calcium carbide exhaust gas, blue carbon furnace exhaust gas and so on.

6. The kiln head adopts the integrated design and construction of the vertical cooler and the kiln head cover, which has a small footprint and good sealing performance, which effectively prevents the fugitive emission of hot exhaust gas.

7. Good environmental protection dust collection, using a pulse bag type dust collector to remove dust, and the emission concentration is less than 30mg / Nm? Meet national emission standards.

8. The level of automation is high. The adjustment, control and alarm of the production system operation are controlled by PLC in the main control room. There are fewer field operators and high labor efficiency.

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