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The Advantages of Vertical Mills

The vertical mill has the following advantages:

1. Advanced technology: simple technological process, the system includes feeding system, vertical roller mill, external circulation system, finished product collection system and finished product conveying system. Great Wall Machinery Vertical Mill is borrowed from the German Lechert Vertical Mill technology, and has more than 20 national patent guarantees;

2. Save land construction investment: simple equipment technology, compact process structure, small footprint, and more than 30% savings compared to the joint grinding system;

3. Energy saving and environmental protection: the grinding part adopts the structure of flat disc cone rollers, which has high efficiency and low energy consumption. It can reduce power consumption by more than 30% compared with the traditional ball milling process; it integrates powder grinding, drying and powder selection, all in the mill Completed under negative pressure, the equipment has good sealing performance and little dust pollution;

4. Convenient maintenance: less auxiliary equipment, the probability of the mill being shut down due to external equipment failure is small, and the life is long; the maintenance is simple, the wear is limited to the grinding body, the maintenance and replacement of the grinding roller and the grinding disc can be performed simultaneously Light weight, it is more convenient to replace the roller sleeve on site;

5. Good drying performance: adapt to grinding of high-moisture materials (up to 30% moisture-containing materials can be dried), high utilization rate of circulating wind heat;

6. Convenient adjustment: The system adopts DCS central control system. All the operation parameters can be adjusted in the central control. It can easily adjust the fineness of the product and grind different types of materials separately. The system has quick response and easy operation

7. High operation rate: Constantly optimizing the design of hydraulic system, lubrication system, wear-resistant parts, etc., can effectively extend the service life of wear-resistant parts, reduce vibration, and make the equipment operation rate as high as 95%.

In view of the obvious advantages of the vertical mill, it has been widely used in various countries around the world. People ’s understanding of the cement vertical mill final grinding system, which is an efficient and energy-saving process technology, has gradually deepened. The vertical mill will be built in the future of new projects and existing production lines. It has been more and more widely used in technological transformation and cement grinding station configuration.

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