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New Type Sludge Rotary Dryer

In the production of new equipment, the simple and easy physical properties of the new sludge dryer is the simplest operation mode in the industry setting, which is mainly due to the mechanism of sludge drying. Sludge drying is to remove moisture, and the removal of moisture must go through Two main processes: the transpiration process, the evaporation of moisture from the surface of the sludge. Since the water vapor pressure of the material surface is lower than the partial pressure of the water vapor in the medium (gas), the water moves from the material surface to the medium. Diffusion process: It is a mass transfer process closely related to vaporization. When the external moisture of the material is transpired, the humidity of the external surface of the material is lower than the internal humidity of the material. At this time, the driving force of heat is required to transfer the moisture from the internal to the external surface. The continuous and alternating progress of the above two processes basically reflects the mechanism of sludge dryness.

What are the necessary process steps for sludge drying?

       The purpose of sludge drying is to remove part of the moisture in the wet sludge to adapt to different disposal requirements. Sludge drying means that a certain amount of heat energy is transferred to the moisture contained in the sludge in a unit time. These moistures are vaporized after being heated and separated from the sludge. The sludge that has lost moisture and the vaporized moisture are separated. Collected, this is the process of sludge drying. This process is described from the perspective of a sludge dryer, including feeding, drying, gas-solid separation, dust collection, moisture condensation, solid transportation and storage. If the sludge drying process may be unstable due to the nature of the sludge (viscosity, water content, etc.) (such as adhesion, agglomeration, etc.), it is necessary to select a process where some sludge drying and wet materials are mixed Return to feed, dry mud back to mix). In this case, equipment such as transportation, storage, separation, crushing, sieving, lifting, mixing, feeding, etc. should be added before the sludge and after solid transportation.

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