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Model Selection Basis of Bag Filter

Bag filter is a kind of dry dust filtering equipment, mainly used in flue gas purification, dust treatment (non-fibrous) and material recovery in cement, metallurgy, building materials, machinery, chemical industry, electric power and other industries. The core component of the entire dust removal work is a filter bag installed inside the box. The filter bag is made of woven filter cloth or non-woven felt. When the dust-containing gas enters the dust collector through the air inlet, it is filtered in the fiber fabric. The particles in the gas are filtered under the action, and the dust with large particles and large specific gravity settles down and falls into the ash hopper due to its own gravity. The fine dust particles are blocked when the gas passes through the filter bag, so that the gas is purified the prescribed emission standards.

According to the dust-containing gas produced under different production conditions, the appropriate type of dust collector should be used for purification treatment, so as to achieve the best purification effect. If the equipment is too large, it will cause unnecessary waste. Small, it will affect production and fail to meet environmental protection requirements. The main selection basis is as follows:

1. Temperature of Dust-containing Gas
The temperature of the dust-containing gas is the main basis for the selection of the dust collector. If the intake air temperature deviates from the design temperature, it will cause serious consequences. When the gas temperature is too high, the filter bag will be burned and deformed. For high-temperature gas, it must be cooled below the temperature that the filter material can withstand; if the gas temperature is too low, condensation will occur, so the gas temperature must be maintained at a dew point above 20 ℃.

2. Air Volume
The air volume refers to the volume of gas that the dust removal equipment can purify in a unit time. The unit is cubic meters per hour (m3/h) or standard cubic meters per hour (Nm3/h). This is one of the main basis for the selection of dust collector.

3. Inlet Dust Concentration
It refers to the dust concentration of the gas in the intake port, which is determined by the production process of the dust point. When selecting the model, it is an important factor after the air volume, and the unit is g / m3 or g / Nm3. When the dust concentration at the entrance is too large, consideration should be given to installing pre-dust removal equipment.

4. Outlet Dust Concentration
It refers to the emission concentration of the dust collector. It is determined by the local environmental protection emission requirements and user requirements, and the exhaust concentration after the dust collector purification treatment can generally reach 30mg / Nm³.

5. Pressure Loss
Refers to the pressure drop, or resistance, of the gas from the air inlet to the air outlet of the dust collector.

6. Operating Pressure
The operating pressure of the bag filter is determined according to the static pressure value of the micro-fan before and after the filter and its installation position, which is also the design pressure value of the bag filter.

7. Filtration Speed
Filtration speed is an important factor in the design and selection of bag-type dust collectors. Its definition is the speed of the filtered gas through the filter material, or the ratio of the air volume of the filtered material to the filter material area. The unit is m / min.

The dust collector equipment produced by our company mainly includes bag dust collector, cyclone dust collector, pulse dust collector, mechanical vibration dust collector, electrostatic dust collector, etc., and is widely used in mineral processing, power, coal, mining, steel, building materials, chemical In other industries, the products are sold at home and abroad. If you want to know more equipment information, please feel free to contact with you directly.

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