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Air Swept Coal Mill Overview

Coal Mill (Air Swept Coal Mill) is an ideal coal processing equipmentthat can both grind and dry, with characteristics of high efficiency, energysaving, environmental protection. 8% and above of its grinding coal can passthrough the 200 mesh screen, and the water content can be under 2%

The raw coal is fed into the feeding chute of the coal mill. When the rawcoal slides down, the hot air with a temperature of about 300 ℃ also enters thecoal mill through the hot air pipe to dry the raw coal. Then the raw coalenters the cylinder bin through the feeding spiral cylinder, which a certainproportion of the grinding body is installed in. With the rotation of the millcylinder, the liner plate brings the grinding body to a certain height. The rawcoal is crushed and grinded by the impact and friction force during itsfalling.Then thegrinded fine powder and the used hot air are drawn out of the mill cylinder binby the special induced draft fan at the outlet.The mixture of the fine powder and thehot air is loaded and selected by the special separator. The unqualified coarsepowder is returned to the mill for the second grinding.

Main structural features:

1.Feeding unit is composed of the feeding chute with an angle of 45 °from the horizontal direction, the horizontal hot air inlet and the bracket.The removable lining plate is installed in the feeding chute, prolonging thelife of the chute. And the sealing device is installed on the feeding unit,effectively reducing the air leakage rate.

2. A gap is left at the feeding hollow shaftwhich reduces the error caused by the installationand expansion of the temperature difference of the cylinder and ensures theaccurate engagement of the gears.

3.The uniquestreamline design is adopted at the end cover and outlet. it reduces theventilation resistances, increases the effective volume of the cylinder,facilitates the discharge of pulverizedcoal and improves the capacity of the mill.

4.The rock woolinsulation cover on the mill cylinder effectively reduces the heat loss andimproves the heat utilization rate of hot air.Meanwhile, the cover plays a sound proofrole, reducing the noise generated in the grinding process of the grinding body.

5.The mainbearing adopts the sliding bearing, which has good strength, plasticity,polymerization, antifriction, wear resistance, lubricity and diathermancy.Moreover, it is easy to maintain,simple in structure, small in floor area, and does not need to be equipped witha thin oil station, which can meet the working environment of low speed, heavyload and much dust of the coal mill.

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