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TD Series Bucket Elevator

Bucket elevator is used to convey powdery, granular and smalllump materials when vertical or inclined. Its advantages are: the smallercross-sectional dimensions can make the conveyor system layout compact; thelifting height is up; it has good sealing, etc., but it is sensitive tooverload, and the hopper and traction components are easy to damage.

The TD series bucket elevator produced by our company usesrubber belt as the traction member, which is mainly used to verticallytransport all kinds of powder, granular and small blocks with loose density ρ<1.5t / m³ materials. Can be widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy,building materials, light industry, grain, mining and other industries.

The bucket elevator is composed of an upper cover, a drivingdevice, a middle case, an inspection door, a feed port, a discharge port, ahopper and a rubber belt. The driving device is located on the top of the bucketelevator and is composed of a motor, a reducer, a backstop or a brake and acoupling. The driving spindle is equipped with a roller or a sprocket. When thelifting height is high, a hydraulic coupling is used. Common types of hoppersare shallow buckets, deep buckets and sharp-faced buckets with guide grooves.The temperature of the materials conveyed by ordinary rubber belts does notexceed 60 ° C, and the temperature of the materials with clamped steel tape canreach 80 ° C, while the temperature of materials using heat-resistant rubberbelts generally does not exceed 150 ° C.

Working principle of bucket elevator: The traction part of TDbucket elevator is rubber belt, and the hopper is fixed on the rubber belt atcertain intervals. The rubber belt bypasses the drum at the head and bottom ofthe elevator respectively, forming a lifting load closed loop system forbranching and descending unloaded branches; when in operation, the drivingdevice arranged at the head of the elevator transmits power to the rubber beltand hopper through the head roller, and the material enters the hopper from thefeed port at the bottom of the elevator. The material is lifted to thedischarge port of the head. Under the combined action of centrifugal force andgravity, the material in the hopper is discharged through the discharge port.

Features of bucket elevator:

Inflow feeding, mixing or centrifugal discharge is adopted, andthe large-capacity intensive arrangement of the hopper, there is no return ordigging phenomenon when the material is lifted, the loss is small, the drivingpower is relatively small; the lifting range is wide, and it can be widely usedfor lifting generally powdery, small granular materials, etc..; according tothe characteristics of materials and lifting height, flexible and centrifugaldischarge methods can be flexibly selected; materials are transported in aclosed space without dust leakage, clean and environmentally friendly; forcentral chassis The bending member is welded to make the chassis have highoverall rigidity and reliability; the rubber belt with small dead weight, goodflexibility and smooth operation is used as the traction member, which improvesthe speed and production efficiency; the overall operation of the equipment isstable and reliable , Can achieve a higher lifting height and a larger deliveryvolume; with a highly reliable backstop mechanism, which can prevent a suddenpower failure or other failures to cause a sudden on-load shutdown, causing thetraction member and loading hopper to reverse, resulting in an accident.

Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery Co., Ltd., has won therecognition of many users with rich production experience, qualified productquality and intimate after-sales service, and has continued to develop and progressin the fierce market competition. The company's scientific design, strictquality, integrity management, and intimate service business philosophy make ZKCORP gradually become a well-known manufacturer of customers in variousindustries.

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