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Classification and Application of Industrial Steel

Industrial steel is divided into carbonsteel and alloy steel according to chemical composition. Carbon steel refers toan iron-carbon alloy with a carbon content of less than 2.11%. Alloy steelrefers to an iron-based alloy obtained by intentionally adding a certain amountof alloying elements to the carbon steel in order to improve the performance ofthe steel.

Carbon structural steel is widely used inour company, mainly used in various equipment cylinders, bottom plates, shells,etc. Usually Q + minimum yield strength value + quality grade symbol torepresent. Q stands for "yield strength", the unit of yield strengthis MPa; the quality grade symbols are A, B, C, D, E. From A to E, the contentof P and S in the steel decreases sequentially and the quality improves. Forexample, Q235B means steel with a yield strength of 235 MPa and a quality gradeof B.


High-quality carbon structural steelgrades are usually represented by two digits, which represent the averagecarbon content of the steel in parts per 10,000. For example, 45 steelrepresents a high-quality carbon structural steel with an average carboncontent of 45/10000 (ie 0.45%). Mainly used for making shafts and pinions.

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