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Mechanical Air Cooler

In industrialproduction, it is often necessary to cool high-temperature flue gas to asuitable temperature range in order to treat it. Especially in the metallurgy,cement and power industries, the exhaust temperature of industrial kilns is ashigh as 300 600 , even thousands of degrees Celsius, and the workingconditions are extremely unstable, which brings great difficult to the bagfilter of the latter stage. An air cooler is a device that uses air as acooling medium to cool the process medium (heat flow) to the requiredtemperature (final cooling temperature).

In general, air coolingis more economical than water cooling. Compared with water cooling, the rapiddevelopment of air coolers is mainly due to the following three reasons: First,the rapid development of industry has caused a large increase in industrialwater consumption, and there is insufficient water supply. To a large extent,it solves the problem of industrial water supply in water-scarce areas. Thesecond is that it has a higher economy. Even in areas with abundant watersources, under general conditions, air cooling is more economical than watercooling. The third is the requirement to protect the environment. If theenterprises close to the river use river water for cooling and discharge, it isitself a thermal pollution of the water source. The rise of the rivertemperature will destroy the ecological balance in the river. If the coolingequipment leaks, it will cause pollution to the river more serious. Air coolingreduces water pollution in industrial areas and improves environmental quality.

Air cooler is alsocalled air heat exchanger, referred to as air cooler.. Mechanical air cooler isa kind of flue gas cooling equipment produced by our company. This product isan indirect tube heat exchanger. The heat medium to be cooled is fed from theupper part of the cooler. The heat medium moves turbulently in the pipe andtransfers the heat to the cooling pipe, and then turns from the lower part ofthe cooler to the outlet bin. Drained, the dust in it is retained in the ashbin by inertial force. The cold wind outside the densely packed tubes is sentby several axial fans on the side of the densely packed cooling tubes. Thispart of the cold wind makes a circular movement outside the row of tubes in thefork row to take away the heat of the cooling tubes and cool it. The other sideof the device is discharged into the atmosphere.

The mechanical aircooler is mainly composed of upper header, cooling tube bundle, fan, ashhopper, takeover, unloader, etc.

The tube bundle is thebasic component of heat transfer. It is composed of a steel pipe, a tube box, asupport beam and a side beam. When the cooled medium passes through the steelpipe, its heat is taken away by the air flowing outside the pipe, and themedium in the pipe cool or condense.

The fan is used todrive air through the tube bundle and take away the heat of the cooling medium,thereby promoting the cooling of the heating medium. The air cooler uses anaxial fan.

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