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Talking about Exhaust Gas Treatment System of Sludge Ceramsite Production Line

As theurbanization process continues to accelerate, the level of industrializationcontinues to increase, sludge production has accelerated dramatically andhoarding. Urban sludge and industrial sludge have become a major obstacle tourban development and industrial progress. The sludge calcination and disposalindustry corresponding to this has also developed rapidly.

Thesludge contains a lot of harmful substances. After drying and roasting, manyharmful gases are volatilized. If left untreated, it will cause great pollutionto the environment, destroy the ecological balance, and cause great physicaland mental health to the surrounding residents Impact. Therefore, a completeexhaust gas treatment system must be provided to ensure that the emitted gasmeets the requirements of national and local standards.

Howto deal with these harmful gases, we first need to understand what are theharmful gases. Through a lot of information query and previous projectexperience, the main harmful gas components after sludge drying and roastingare: particulate matter, SO2, NOX, HCl, HF, NH3, H2S and Hg, TI, Cd, Pd, As andother heavy metals.

It canbe seen from the above main components that there are three main types ofharmful gas components:

1.Dust: The dust treatment is mainly collected through the two-stage dust removalof cyclone dust collector + high temperature bag dust collector. The flue gasdust content after treatment can achieve the standard emission of 30mg / m³

2.Acid gas such as sulfide: It is mainly washed through the desulfurizationtower, and the acid gas in the harmful gas components is absorbed through thealkaline solution.

3.Nitrogen oxides: Nitrogen oxides need to be used in denitrification devices,which are currently mainly treated with SCR technology;

4.Dioxins and heavy metals: These harmful gases have a serious impact on thehuman living environment. The activated carbon powder can be sprayed on theinlet pipe of the bag filter to make the activated carbon powder evenly coatedon the surface of the filter bag. The porous adsorption of activated carbonpowder is used to Dioxins and heavy metal gas are absorbed, then collected bydust collector, re-granulated and transported to rotary kiln for calcinationand solidification, so that the entire production line is free of harmfulsubstances.

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