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Magnetite magnetic separation production line

Magnetite magnetic separation production line

Manganese minerals are weak magnetic minerals, the use of strong magnetic separator can be recovered. ZK CORP in themanganese ore mining process, the main magnetic separation process, dividedinto magnetic coarse selection, magnetic separation in two stages, and themanganese ore grade can be increased by 4% to 10% for the beneficiaries ofplant benefiting.

Manganese ore magnetic separation technology for sorting high phosphorus, high silicon, low iron manganese ore.

Magnetic coarse selection

ZK CORP first manganese ore dedicatedmagnetic separator preliminary removal of impurities in manganese ore, rougherconcentrate using spiral classifier grading, rougher tailings directly to thetailings thickener.


Grading machine grading underflow sent tothe selection of magnetic separator, grading overflow concentratorconcentration.

In the magnetic selection

In the magnetic tailings dischargeconcentrator, magnetic concentrates and concentrated underflow confluence.


Concentrated overflow as entering thebackwater system, the concentration of the bottom flow and the selection ofconcentrate convergence, become the final selection concentrate.

Project Case: The ore deposit is highphosphorus, high silicon, low iron poor carbonate manganese ore, the orecontains about 20% manganese, the main manganese ore is rhodochrosite, harmfulelements in the form of apatite, gangue minerals are mainly quartz, clay and soon. ZK CORP manganese ore beneficiation process made very ideal indicators inthis manganese ore plant, concentrate grade 35%, and recovery rate of 76%.

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