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Cement rotary kiln and cement shaft kiln

Cement rotary kiln and cement shaft kiln

In the cement industry commonly used cement rotary kiln and cement shaft kiln, both rotary kiln whether it is from theoutside or the characteristics of the drying nature are different, to give youa brief introduction to the difference between them.

Rotary kiln is the kiln body lying(slightly inclined), and can make rotary motion. According to the raw materialproduction is divided into dry rotary kiln and wet rotary kiln, kiln end ofkiln heat exchange device is different, can be divided into different types ofkiln. Cement kiln used in wet production is called wet kiln, wet production israw material made of water containing 2% to 40% of the slurry. As a result ofthe preparation of a fluid mud, so the raw materials mixed well, raw materialsuniformity, so that the quality of the clinker baked, which is the mainadvantages of wet production. Dry rotary kiln and wet rotary kiln compared theadvantages and disadvantages of the opposite. Dry raw meal made of raw mealpowder, moisture is generally less than 1%, so it reduces the heat required toevaporate moisture than the wet method. Hollow kiln because the exhaust gastemperature is high, so heat consumption is not low. Dry production of raw mealmade of dry powder, its mobility worse than the mud. So raw materials are notmixed well, the ingredients are not uniform.

Kiln cylinder body is set up withoutrotation. There are two types of shaft kilns currently used: ordinary shaftkilns and shaft kilns. Ordinary shaft kiln is manual feeding and manualdischarge or mechanical feeding, manual discharge; mechanical shaft kiln ismechanical feeding and mechanical discharge. Mechanical shaft kiln iscontinuous operation, its production, quality and labor productivity higherthan ordinary shaft kiln. According to building materials technology policyrequirements, small cement plant mechanized shaft kiln, and gradually replacethe ordinary shaft kiln. Kiln pollution is serious, especially the use offluorite and other mineral agents cause high fluoride emissions on crops andsericulture production great influence in the future will not encourageenterprises to save energy and pollute the environment to speed up backwardproduction technology out.

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