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Vertical preheater for rotary kiln system

Vertical preheater is an important heat exchanger rotary kiln system.

Vertical preheater for rotary kiln system

Vertical preheater is an important heat exchanger rotary kiln system. Rotary kiln system to increase the productionyield is too many factors, no matter which one, as long as we make full use ofgood, can reach the desired effect. The vertical preheater is a kind of heatexchange device in the rotary kiln system, which can reduce the loss of heatconsumption and increase the production yield.

Vertical preheater is composed of the upperfeeding chamber, storage silo, feeding tube, preheater steel frame, hydraulicpusher device, the lower feeding chamber, preheater dust removal interface. Thepreheater to overcome the traditional dolomite calcination loss of heat is toolarge, the use of flue gas and material countercurrent technology, the materialfully preheated, easy maintenance, high efficiency of a new type of verticalpreheater. The vertical preheater reduces the temperature of the exhaust gasgenerated during combustion and the temperature of the raw material continuouslyincreases, thus reducing the heat loss, increasing the production yield, andsaving resources and protecting the environment.

Vertical preheater heat can be fullyrecycled, the exhaust preheat material through the vertical preheater, thehydraulic ram device, followed by the material, and the preheater correspondingto the other part of the cooler, the cooler is mainly rotary kiln calcinedmaterial produced by cooling, so that the temperature is reduced to a certainextent, to facilitate the late transport, storage and carry out the next stepof the work process.

The rotary kiln is a critical piece ofequipment in the production process and the preheater is one of the main partsof the rotary kiln.

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