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Brief Introduction of Box Feeder

Box feeder is used for uniform and quantitative feeding. It controls the feeding amount of materials by adjusting the height of the gate and the speed of the conveyor belt. It is a commonly used equipment in ceramsite production line.

Features of box feeder:

(1)Simple structure, low power consumption, convenient operation and maintenance;

(2) The loading capacity is large, and materials can be stored to meet the continuity requirements of subsequent sections;

(3) It can transport materials such as clay, pulverized coal, scattered shale and coal gangue with a moisture content of not more than 20%;

(4) It is mainly used for the feeding of raw materials in the production line. It can feed granular and bulk materials to the receiving device uniformly, continuously and quantitatively;

(5) The speed adjustment range is large, which can meet the requirements of various production conditions.

In our company's Yongchuan project, the box feeder is an important equipment used in the upstream of the secondary mixing. During it operation, it should be noted that the material  moisture should not be more than 20%, otherwise the material is easy to stick to the roller, making the roller thicker and thicker, causing the belt to deviate, and the long-term deviated belt will tear, which will seriously affect the working life of the belt. Our engineers have improved this problem: a cleaner is installed before the belt runs to the roller, so that the material stuck on the belt is cleaned out of the box before it reaches the roller, preventing the belt from deviating, and save the cost of manual cleaning. For the production line that needs to be crushed in the next stage, our company can also provide a pre-crushing shaft to pre-crush the materials entering the crushing mixer, and block the bulk materials in the box to prevent it from entering the next process.

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