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Bag filter operating procedures

Bag filter operating procedures

Bag filter operating procedures as following:

1) Strictly according to the operationsequence of dust collector start and stop equipment.

2) Strictly according to bag filterparameters control operation: A. Dust collector import and export pressure: 900~ 1200Pa

3) In strict accordance with the followingpriority cleaning method A. Online cleaning: the preferred way

B. Offline cleaning: not recommended, onlywhen the flue gas dust abnormally fine sticky, and the filter bag resistancegreater than normal range of choice.

C. Timing cleaning: the preferred method D.Timing + constant pressure cleaning:

4) Set the cleaning parameters strictly accordingto the following range

A. Pulse pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3Mpa, adjustedfrom low to high B. Pulse width: 0.15S (not free to adjust) C. Poppet valvecylinder working pressure: 0.25Mpa D. Pulse cycle: 30min or more

5) Strictly follow the following setting pointof the working temperature of the flue

A. When the flue gas temperature 180 when thenormal state, the bypass flue closed, the protective gas circuit is opened.

B. When the flue gas temperature> 180 , the smoketemperature will cause harm to the filter bag, the control system opens thebypass valve, close the bag district poppet valve. At this point the flue gaswill be discharged directly to the outlet of the precipitator.

C. When the flue gas temperature returnedto 160 below, the control system opens the bag poppet valve, close thebypass valve.

When the flue gas into the filter for thenormal state.

6) Strictly monitor the flue gastemperature, differential pressure and pressure conditions at each point of theprecipitator and record every 30 minutes. In case of any abnormal temperature,promptly contact the central government or the supervisor of the boiler.

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