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The Structure and Working Principle of Double Shaft Mixer

The double-shaft mixer is a device that uses the synchronous rotation of a pair of spiral shafts with mixing blades to spray, humidify and agitate powder materials while conveying them. It can be used for mixing and crushing clay materials in the ceramsite industry; materials such as fly ash and aggregates, additives, etc. are uniformly mixed and mixed. This type of equipment has high mixing efficiency, compact structure, stable operation, clean and environmental protection. Used in chemical, mining, ceramsite and other industries to humidify, mix and transport solid particles or powders.

The outstanding advantages of the twin-shaft mixer are as follows:

① The entire mixing and conveying process is carried out in a sealed space, no dust leakage, clean and environmentally friendly;

②Integrate mixing, humidification and conveying, with good mixing uniformity, high production efficiency and large capacity;

③The end of the shaft adopts labyrinth type and packing type combined sealing, which has double sealing effect and good sealing effect;

④The mixing blade is made of wear-resistant material and has a special surface treatment, which has high wear resistance;

⑤The whole machine has compact structure, small space occupation, stable transmission, high reliability and low noise.

The main structure of the double-shaft mixer is shown in the figure below, which mainly includes the driving device, the feed inlet screw shaft, the tank body, and the discharge port. The driving device is composed of motor-coupling-reducer-gear pair. The motor drives the reducer through the coupling, and then drives the gear pair to move to realize the opposite movement of the two spiral blade shafts. Spiral blades are installed on the spiral blade shaft, and the spiral blades are made of wear-resistant materials. The material enters the tank through the feed port, and is stirred and broken by the spiral blade. After the material has a uniform particle size, it is discharged from the discharge port.

The double-shaft mixer produced by Henan Zhengzhou Mining Machinery is widely used in the ceramsite industry, and has excellent performance in the building materials, mineral processing and other industries.

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