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Ore production line vibrating screen

Ore production line vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is a work in the oreproduction line equipment, its work efficiency is very high, but also dividedinto many levels, each level has a related role; it is divided into the oreproduction line grinding and grinding two forms of conventional abrasive shakerare three sections of a closed-circuit view and control sieving, with nothingto contact with the ball, just to manipulate the broken product size.Semi-self-grinding ball mill before the linear vibrating screen, is to screenout the stone.

Under normal circumstances, a grinding ballmill with spiral classifier, cyclone, linear vibrating screen and otherequipment constitute a closed-circuit grinding, that is, the ball mill throughthe linear vibrating screen classification, sieve material into the next work,sieve the material is back again. From the rated power point of view, thecyclone and linear vibrating screen classification power is better than thespiral classifier, grading power is high, mean that the ore material again backto the ball mill (return to the sand)reduce, so under the ball mill standardunchanged (The volume of the cylinder), the amount of new ore into the mill canbe added, the relative processing capacity of the ball mill is added, and theconsumption of the unit ore is reduced, which is beneficial to the decrease ofthe production cost.

Mine vibrating screen at the start mustfirst view:

1. Each part is fixed not tight, cannotshow loosening of the scene;

2. The motor is not the addition oflubricants;

3. The first key under the power to see thedirection of the motor is not accurate;

4. The staff first away from the equipment,to work properly near the sieve machine.

In addition, if the slurry into the ballmill before add the screening process, the intention is to be qualified inadvance of the fine fineness of the material out to reduce the amount of slurryinto the ball mill (which has contained some qualified particle size), with thereduction of ore over grinding, so that both play the intention of savingenergy and avoid the ore over mill may bring the impact of the follow-upsorting process.

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