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Silica ball mill introduction

Silica ball mill introduction

Silica ball mill equipment is processing common silica equipment, silica is crushed, it is necessary to use the ball mill for grinding. It can not only apply to silica, but also can be used forquartz, iron ore, copper and other similar hardness ore grinding andprocessing. Users in the purchase of equipment on the quality and price of itsconsiderable concern, which domestic manufacturers silica ball mill better?This article describes these issues in detail:

Silica ball mill is the material is broken,and then smash the key equipment. Ball mill is widely used in cement, silicateproducts, new construction materials, refractories, fertilizers, black andnon-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics, dry or wet grinding ofvarious ores and other grindable materials. The machine from the feedingdepartment, the Department of discharge, the Department of rotation, theDepartment of Transmission (reducer, a small transmission gear, electrical,electronic control) and other major components. The hollow shaft is made ofsteel castings, the inner liner is removable, the rotary gear is machined bycasting hobbing, and the cylinder body is provided with a wear-resistant liningplate, which has good abrasion resistance. The machine runs smoothly, reliablework. Stone broken production lines, sand production line, mineral processingequipment production lines, milling equipment production lines.

Installation test:

1.The equipment should be installed on thelevel of concrete foundation, with anchor bolts.

2. the installation should pay attention tothe main body and the level of vertical.

3. After installation, check all parts ofthe bolt is loose and the host compartment door is tightened, if any, pleasetighten.

4. According to the power of the deviceconfiguration power cord and control switch.

5. Check is completed, the air load test,test run normally can be produced.

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