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Improve the efficiency of ore ball mill equipment

Improve the efficiency of ore ball mill equipment

Mineral processing equipment ball mill usually grinding balls and other grinding media between the pressure and friction force to grind the material, iron ore, gold ore, copper ore grinding,and metal smelting, ceramic products, fine chemicals, cement Production lines,power stations and other industries, ball mill can be used for grinding andmilling operations, however, the long-term existence of high energy ball mill,steel wear fast, low efficiency and other issues.

What are the main reasons that affect theworking efficiency of ball mill equipment? How are these reasons? How to improve the working efficiency of mineral processing equipment ball mill?

1.The grinding body level matching and theball quality is not reasonable, there is no according to the special nature ofdifferent materials according to local conditions, the choice of grinding bodyspecifications and loading, resulting in ball mill output coefficient low(output coefficient = output / load), generally 0.3 ~ 0.9 between.

2. Ore grinding process is not based on therequired grading energy for grading treatment, to maximize the utilization ofgrinding energy.

3. Different physical properties andchemical properties of the material mixed grinding time, the material is notselected in the debris and incidental bulky bulk materials, such as coal mixedwith stone and so on.

4. Work schedule and the adjustment ofperipheral facilities unreasonable, ventilation performance, degree of drynessand grinding out of the three do not match, there is an unnecessary increase inenergy consumption.

5. Abrasive wear strength is not enough,the machine run after a few months after the increase rate of roundness,grinding output began to gradually reduce.

Methods and concepts to improve grindingefficiency

1. Optimizing the grading and loadingcapacity of steel ball grinding: According to the specific situation of thematerial particle size distribution, impact power required for grinding andexport needs of fineness size, to develop different specifications grindingbody shape, size and load, increase Grinding speed.

2. Optimize the design process andplacement form of mineral processing equipment mill lining to realize gradinggrinding operation: According to the movement law of grading process ofdifferent granular materials in the mill, improve the combination of the liningplate and the operation mode, body throwing the highest point, the grindingbody along the length of the mill according to the size of the materialdistribution specifications in a self-regulating manner forward grading, tomaximize the role of energy supply.

3. Optimize the working environment:According to the unique properties of various ores (water content,grindability, electrostatic adsorption and other detailed parameters), throughmulti-directional multiple comprehensive test, reasonable and reasonableaccording to the experimental results to adjust the mill differential pressure,outlet temperature, material supply and separation separation beneficiation ofbeneficiation equipment, establishment of standardization of operationstandardization control parameters, keep the ball mill mineral processingequipment continued to be in the maximum output of the well operation.

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