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The advantages and disadvantages of lattice-type ball mill

The advantages and disadvantages of lattice-type ball mill

Lattice ball mill is a common type of ball mill, it also belongs to the beneficiation equipment, is a variety of metal ore grinding processing equipment, its unique performance advantages let more and more users praise and favor users to buy. The purchase of its equipmentprocess, it should be based on the actual needs of a reasonable purchase, so asto buy high-quality equipment, this paper details the advantages anddisadvantages of the device:

First, the advantages of grid-type ball mill

1. Productivity in view of the fact thatmost of the materials can be grinded by the grid type ball mill and can becontinuously and uninterruptedly produced, if the current production of gridball mills is more than sufficient for a complete production line, theproduction Large capacity without doubt.

2.Technical level of view, the lattice ballmill due to the development time is not short, after many years of use ofusers, and technical personnel of the short improvement and optimization, itstechnical equipment must also be suitable for the user's production operations,and Replacement for so long, the absolute level of technology enough.

3. Fault repair point of view, the problemof lattice-type ball mill problems so that some problems not only the technicalstaff even some of the production workers can successfully solve.

4. Excellent performance in terms ofperformance, the grid-type ball mill crushing ratio, grinding material up to300 mesh, the particle size of the material can be adjusted, and in operation,the power consumption is small, low energy consumption.

Second, the disadvantage of grid-type ballmill

People are not perfect, machines are thesame, and besides it is made by human beings, so the disadvantage of grid typeball mill compared with other large mineral processing equipment should also beexplained to users here.

1. Installation of higher requirements of theplant, the general land cannot be used, because the heavy equipment, thefoundation is not stable enough, the machine will run into productionoperations underground.

2. Price compared to other equipment may beslightly more expensive. Because the machine is relatively more material used,the configuration is also high, the original cost increases, as well as theperformance with the price so the price may be more expensive.

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