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Sintering rotary kiln Equipment

Sintering rotary kiln Equipment

Strictly speaking sintering is a process,long ago, humans have used this technology to develop ceramics, metallurgicalmaterials, refractory materials and insulators, after the production of thesematerials will become a polycrystalline material, is widely the application ofindustrial, chemical, mechanical and other fields.

Sintering rotary kiln is a commoncalcination equipment, which is a combination of advanced spindle structure andelectric heating device, it is not difficult to find it is a more functional,stable performance, high quality building materials equipment, then what is therole of this equipment section? What are its main advantages? This articledescribes these issues in detail:

The main role of the sintering rotary kilnis calcined, according to the calcination mode can be divided into drycalcination and wet calcination, and its corresponding material is generallycement:

1. Dry production of cement kiln: Sinteringrotary kiln as a dry cement production line of the main equipment in theproduction process plays a very important role, after a series of improvements,its calcination effect is better, higher purity, the treatment material is alsonot limited to cement, it can also some of the oxides and non-ferrous metalcalcination processing.

2. Wet production of cement kiln: wet kilnproduction is relatively dry terms, in contrast to its lower energy consumptionand high technological content, the move to a certain extent, reduce the user'sdifficulty, It is basically no noise during the work, so it is environmentallyfriendly rotary kiln equipment.

Sintering rotary kiln advantages

1. It is based on the traditional rotarykiln after continuous design, innovation developed, so its more powerful, itsefficiency is also 3 - 5 times other equipment.

2. It is a high quality equipment, high-qualityequipment to enhance market competitiveness, and equipment sales also play apositive role in promoting.

3. The degree of automation of theequipment is very high, so its operating status is very stable, running, youcan achieve man-machine separation mode of operation.

4. It is relatively safe, the device isequipped with protective devices, and it can automatically shut down in theevent of equipment failure, so as to ensure that users lose even less.

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