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Maintenance and Repair Ball mill

Maintenance and Repair Ball mill

Ball mill used for a long time, cannot avoid the problem. Maintenance of the ball mill, you can contact the ZK CORP engineers to provide the ball mill model and parameters. Arrange professionalsand you docking, the first time to give a reasonable plan and price. After the maintenance of the ball mill, but also pay attention to the usual use and maintenance, then how to do it? Maintenance and repair of the ball mill is aregular job, the quality of the maintenance work directly affects the operationrate and service life of the ball mill, then in the process of how to properlymaintain and overhaul, the following is given:

1. All lubricants in the mill put intocontinuous operation for a month should be released, thoroughly cleaned,replace the new oil. After the combination of repair about once every 6 monthsoil change.

2. Each lubrication point lubrication andoil level inspection at least once every 4 hours.

3. The mill running, the main bearinglubricant temperature does not exceed 55 .

4. The normal operation of the mill, drivebearings and reducer temperature does not exceed 55 , notexceeding 60 .

5. Large and small gear transmission smooth,no abnormal noise. When necessary, adjust the gap in time.

6. Ball mill running smoothly, no strongvibration.

7. The motor current should be no abnormalfluctuations.

8. The connection fasteners withoutloosening, with no oil leakage, five drain tax, no leakage of orephenomenon.

9. According to wear the ball in time toadd.

10. If you find abnormal circumstancesshould stop grinding maintenance immediately.

11. Mill liner is worn 70% or 70mm longcrack should be replaced.

12. Liner bolts are damaged caused by linershould be replaced.

13. The main bearing should be replacedwhen it is worn seriously.

14. Grid ball mill grate plate wear andtear cannot be repaired should be replaced.

15. Large gear surface wear to a certainextent after the turn can continue to use.

16. Serious wear and tear of pinion shouldbe replaced.

17. Out of material spiral wear and tearshould be promptly repaired, wear and tear cannot be repaired should bereplaced.

18. Anchor bolts loose or damaged should bepromptly repaired.

Maintenance of the ball mill when a regularjob, the quality of maintenance work directly affects the ball mill operatingrate and service life. In order to detect defects in time to eliminate hiddendangers in order to ensure the normal operation of its mill, in addition toroutine maintenance, but also need regular stop grinding, (recommended once amonth) on the important components such as hollow shaft, main bearing,cylinder, reducer, The size of gear for serious examination, for detailed records.In accordance with the severity of the sub-priorities for appropriate treatmentand arrangement of repair and overhaul plan.

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