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Dolomite rotary kiln model

Dolomite rotary kiln model

Dolomite is a hard, non-metallic mineralthat is mostly white or off-white and plays an important role in architectureand industry.

The dolomite rotary kiln is one of theequipment for calcining the ore. After this equipment is processed, thecomprehensive utilization value of dolomite has been further improved. Thisarticle introduces the equipment in detail from its model and price:

Dolomite rotary kiln model list

There are many types of dolomite rotarykiln models, would like to know more welcome to visithttp://www.hnzkmachine.com/calcining/208.html Web page for inquiry, thefollowing are some common:

1. Φ2.5 × 40: Equipment diameter is 2.5meters; Length is 40 meters; Inclination is 3.5%; Output is 180 tons per day;Speed is (0.44-2.44) rpm; Motor power is 55 kilowatts; 149.61 tons.

2, Φ4.0 × 56: Equipment diameter of 4meters; length of 56 meters; inclination of 4%; output of 2,300 tons per day;speed per minute (0.41-4.07) turn; motor power of 315 kW; 456 tons, belongingto the preheating decomposition kiln.

3. Φ4.8 × 74: Equipment diameter of 4.8meters; length of 74 meters; inclination of 4%; production of 5,000 tons perday; speed per minute (0.396-3.96) turn; motor power of 630 kilowatts; totalweight 899 tons, is a preheating decomposition kiln.

4. Φ6.0 × 95: Equipment diameter of 6meters; length of 95 meters; tilt of 4%; production of 10,000 tons per day;speed limit of 5 rpm; it is driven by a dual motor, the power of each motor is950 kilowatts; total weight of 1659 tons.

Dolomite rotary kiln price analysis

Equipment due to the different models, thenits selling price is slightly different, in addition, its price factors alsocome from the following aspects:

1.Quality: Good quality dolomite rotarykiln equipment requires more time and energy from manufacturers, so the sellingprice of equipment will be higher, so the quality and price are closely linked.

2. Geographical location: The reason whythe geographical location causes the overall price fluctuation of the equipmentis mainly due to a series of expenses incurred in the transportation so that itcan, to a certain extent, rapidly increase the price of the equipment.

3. External factors: The factors generallyrefers to the market conditions, industry rules, economic models, supply anddemand, etc., only after a comprehensive inspection or understanding of thesefactors to develop a more reasonable price plan.

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