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Mineral processing plant ball grinding mill equipment

Mineral processing plant ball grinding mill equipment

Ball mill is commonly used in mineralprocessing plant grinding equipment, but also one of the major noise sourcesconcentrator. Ball mill noise will seriously affect the physical and mentalhealth of staff, greatly reducing work efficiency. In order to create a goodworking environment for the staff and effectively control the noise of the ballmill, the Red Star Machinery proposed some measures to reduce the noise of theball mill.

First, the ball mill noisemeasurement

In a flotation plant of a concentrator,there are 10 ball mills. To understand the distribution and spectrumcharacteristics of ball mill noise in a workshop, a series of ball mills weretaken as examples to measure the noise of the ball mills without opening,stopping and turning on. Ball mill in the bar open and shut down when nosignificant difference in background noise, with the frequency band increasesthe overall trend of change in the 250Hz band reached 89dB.

Second, noise management technology program

1. Cylinder noise reduction program

First of all, control the radiation noiseof the cylinder, and use the noise reduction template to wrap the cylinder.According to the cylinder circumference and length and ball mill maintenanceneeds, a total of eight noise reduction template. The noise reduction templateis directly formed and shaped. The adjacent template is fixed with a flange anda bolt. The edges of the noise reduction template are clamped with iron hoopsto prevent the ball mill from falling off during rotation.

2. Set the noise barrier

The noise barriers are usually set on theway of noise transmission to control the noise. However, the fixed noiseenclosures should not be set according to the layout of the field devices.Therefore, 3.7m high mobile sound-absorbing and sound-proofing barriers areinstalled on both sides of the ball mill and the motor. Noise barrier by theperforated plate, porous sound-absorbing materials and sound-proof materials.

3. The upper sound absorption and noisereduction

In order to reduce noise energy and reducethe impact of reverberation sound on the upper space, noise reduction measuresshould be taken to further reduce noise. According to the actual needs of thesite, installed in the upper part of the ball mill absorber, the externalstainless steel perforated plate, filled with sound-absorbing interior mat. Thesound absorbing bodies are arranged on a frame and can be removed or placed asa whole on four pillars. The space absorber can further reduce the propagationof the noise of the ball mill, especially for reducing the noise in the middleand low frequency bands.

Third, the conclusion

In summary, the concentrator can effectively control the noise of the ball mill in production by adopting measures such as noise reduction of the ball mill barrel, setting of the noisebarrier, and absorption and noise reduction of the upper part, thereby providing a reference for controlling the noise reduction of various ball mills significance.

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