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High-pressure roller mill and ball mill difference

High-pressure roller mill and ball mill difference

High-pressure roller mill and ball mill difference

High-pressure roller mill: quasi-staticcrushing, quasi-static crushing this way relative to the impact crushing methodto save energy consumption of about 30% of the material is the implementationof the material layer crushing is the material and the material between thecrushed. Commonly used in the crushing of the cement industry, the granulationof the chemical industry, as well as pellets to increase the specific surfacearea of fine grinding. It is used to crush metal ores in order to simplify thecrushing process, crushing and grinding less, improving the systemproductivity, improving the grinding effect or sorting targets and so on.

Ball mill: the material is crushed, andthen smash the key equipment. Suitable for grinding all kinds of ore and othermaterials, are widely used in mineral processing, building materials andchemical industries, can be divided into two kinds of dry and wet grindingmethods.

The difference between roller presses and high pressure roller mills:

1. Roller presses and high pressure rollermill is actually a kind of. It's just different.

2. The roller press is designed accordingto the material bed grinding principle, its main features are: high pressure,full speed, full of material, material bed crushing. The roller press consistsof two squeeze rollers which are rotated synchronously with one another, onefor the fixed roller and one for the movable roller. Material from the top ofthe two rolls into the squeeze roll was rolled into the roll, subject to100-150MPa high pressure, into a dense cake from the machine discharge. Expelthe cake, in addition to containing a certain percentage of fine-grainedproducts. In the interior of non-finished particles, a large number of cracksare generated, which improves the abrasion of the material and further reducesthe grinding energy consumption during further grinding.

3. Roll mill mainly disc grinding, ringmill, roller mill, Raymond mill, pendulum roller mill, etc., working principle:material rolling surface between the two rolling or grinding body, Roller) anda track (plane, ball, disk) by the pressure and crush; Basic structure: mainlyby the grinding track, grinding body, the force generation and transmissionmechanism, the flow of air and easy replacement parts.

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