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Rotary kiln pulverized coal burner

Rotary kiln pulverized coal burner

Pulverized coal burner, as the name suggests is to allow coal powder to burn in a short period of time, resulting in high temperature eddy current equipment. According to the usage of pulverized coal burner is divided into: rotary kiln dedicated pulverized coalburner, boiler with coal burner; asphalt mixing station dedicated pulverizedcoal burner.

The coal burner produced by ZK Corp adoptsspecially designed multi-level and multi-mouth air supply guidance structure,which can produce high temperature eddy current in a short time. It has theadvantages of complete combustion, high heat utilization, smoke and dustremoval, high efficiency and energy saving, and reduce the labor intensity,etc., is the ideal energy-saving environmental protection products.

Pulverized coal burner mainly has thefollowing characteristics:

1. Coal powder remains long time in thehigh temperature area of pulverized coal burner, so high combustion efficiency,flue direct discharge without black smoke, was steam-like white smoke;

2. The pulverized coal burner heating timeshorten the heating time, high thermal efficiency, and low coal requirements,coal for a wide range of high economic efficiency;

3. Pulverized coal burner ignition easy, fastheating, work efficiency has been greatly improved;

4. The amount of air supply to the burner,the amount of coal input can be changed on demand, and in a wide range offurnace temperature and the length of the flame to meet the actual needs;

5. The internal temperature field of thepulverized coal burner is uniform, the heating surface of the heating body inthe furnace is large, the slag is not sticking to the surface of the workpiece,and the product is of good quality.

Our company production of pulverized coalburners are mainly used in rotary kiln equipment, as well as boilercalcination, etc., the efficiency of a wide range of wide application, and themost direct bring economic benefits to the enterprise.

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