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Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln price and manufacturer

Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln price and manufacturer

Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln profile

Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln basic configuration is: diameter of 2.5 meters,a length of 54 meters, a slope of 3.5%, the daily output of 280 tons, the speedper minute (0.48-1.45) r, rated motor power for 55kw, the total weight of196.29 tons, belonging to kiln decomposition kiln, this article focuses on theprice of the equipment and the manufacturer.

Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln price

1. The price impact factors

Because of the high and low priceinstability, and its influencing factors are also many, and only after continuouscomparison to buy more cost-effective equipment, but the price of themanufacturer and manufacturer also have some contact with differentmanufacturers. The sale price is absolutely different, so buying equipmentmanufacturers is also one of the necessary considerations.

2. Access to get price means

The price level and many factors, then howmuch this Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln? Due to the constant changes of market rules,its price will also be higher and lower. More questions about the price ofrotary kiln can be inquired about or check the online consultation on theright.

Φ2.5 × 54 rotary kiln manufacturers - ZK CORP

ZK CORP production of various types ofrotary kiln equipment, which Φ2.5 × 54 models of equipment recognized, the mainreasons are as follows:

1. Advanced technology

The main reason why ZK CORP has beenleading the industry for many years in a row is its advanced equipmenttechnology. Our company attaches great importance to the development of scienceand technology, so compared with other manufacturers, our equipment has hightechnology content, more simple and convenient.

2. Perfect service

Improve the service for the user to escortthe future use, ZK CORP service department can provide users with professional,comprehensive and complete service, allowing users to use the process withoutany worries, so as to ensure the equipment life longer.

3. The strength

Strength of the manufacturers can developcustomer satisfaction equipment, ZK CORP has been established more than 60years, in the process we have summed up the rich experience, so ZK CORPequipment more excellent performance, longer service life, and price is moreaffordable.

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