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New granulator ZKZL(T)-08 for Malaysia

New granulator ZKZL(T)-08 for Malaysia

The parent company ofMalaysia Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Germany. It is a high-techcompany in the development of a new ceramic material in Malaysia.

Our company began tocommunicate with Malaysia Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. at the beginning of2017. And in mid-2017, we realized mutual visits. During the communication andvisit, Malaysia Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. highly recognizes our strongexperimental capabilities and professional experimental equipment. Therefore,in 2017, sent experimental materials to our company several times to doexperiments. For each experiment, our company handed over the experimentalprocess and data to the owner in the form of photos, videos and text reports.Successfully completed the experimental requirements and achieved theexperimental objectives expected by the owner.

In order to expandproduction, Malaysia Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd. added a new production lineand decided to purchase a ceramic intermittent grinding machine of φ2.0x3.4mfrom our company. The rest of the equipment on the production line is importedfrom Germany. Only this ceramic ball mill is purchased from our company, whichfully reflects the owner's recognition of our technical ability and productionlevel. After successfully completing the production, delivery, installation andcommissioning of the ceramic ball mill. Malaysia Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd.again contracted in 2018 and purchased a new granulator ZKZL(T)-08 from ourcompany. The granulator is specially developed by our company. After thousandsof experiments, the operation is reliable and the experiment effect isremarkable.

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