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Cement, sand, coal, grain, proppant sand
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NE Plate Chain Elevator takes advanced technology from home and abroad. This product is suitable for vertical transportation of powder, granular, bulk materials and high hardness materials. The temperature of materials should not be higher than 200℃.The Maximum elevation height is 40m.


Motor and reducer box are set on the driving plate, fixed on the upper shell of bucket elevator, division the assembling direction according to the driving part position, chain bucket is consist of plate chain and bucket, plate chain on the chain wheel which provide power, bucket is fixed on the plate chain with certain interval. Bucket elevator can be made to different height according to customer’s different demand, to satisfy customer’s requirement. Active chain wheel is connected with pinion , gear reducer and motor, to provide power for chain bucket; driven chain wheel change movement direction of plate chain, make the whole process is closed, to ensure the elevator operation steady; weight box adjust the tightness of plate chain, to avoid deviation phenomenon effective.


1.Wide range of elevating height.

2.Strong capacity and small driving power.

3.Feeding materials by automatic flowing and discharging through gravity induction.

4.Long service life and good leak tightness.

5.Stable and liable operation, easy maintenance.

6.Low running cost.


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