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Hydro cyclone

【Model】: FX350-FX750

【Capacity】: 1-500m3/h

【Material】: Mineral Processing

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Hydro cyclone is a kind of equipment which utilizes centrifugal force to pulp grading; and is a kind of structure of hydraulic classification. Hydro cyclone in mineral processing industry is mainly used for classification, separation, enrichment and mud. Therefore, the hydro cyclone can generally be divided into classification and the heavy medium separation.


The advantages of the hydro cyclone:

1. Simple structure, light and flexible, no moving parts;

2. Low cost, easy assembly and disassembly, convenient repair, small occupation area, low construction cost;

3. Large unit volume processing capacity;

4. Fine granularity, to about 10 μ m;

5. High efficiency grading, sometimes to be as high as about 80%;

6. Pulp in the cyclone with little time and the little amount remaining, easy to handle for downtime.


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